Strengthening the Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for Drug Abusers in Egypt

Project Duration: 22/04/2001 - 31/12/2006

Total Budget: US$ 274,200

Donor: Netherlands, Italy



Ministry of Health in Egypt

Target Groups

Vulnerable youth

Outline and Objectives

The programme will address the problem related to lack of capacity for the provision of adequate treatment and rehabilitation services for an increasing number of drug addicts in Egypt. The immediate objective of the programme was to build up a coordinated treatment and rehabilitation programme in Egypt with a view to reducing the number of drug addicts. This would be achieved by providing assistance in:

  •  Developing treatment and rehabilitation strategy
  •  Strengthening residential treatment
  •  Developing rehabilitation and aftercare services
  •  Providing in-service training
  •  Drug abuse treatment in prison
  •  Strengthening of outreach services

Key Achievements

  • National treatment and rehabilitation strategy and a coordination mechanism developed and in place
  • Five hospitals and two NGOs with existing drug abuse treatment facilities able to provide treatment and rehabilitation services in accordance with state-of-the-art practice
  • Airport Hospital able to function as a pilot in-service treatment training center for trainees
  • Structured and organized system for client referrals from treatment hospitals to selected NGOs and Social Defense Clubs established
  • A specialist training programme for primary health care family practitioners on early detection and outreach services, especially for female drug users, implemented
  • A specialist training programme for selected police officers, prison guards and medical staff on drug abuse prevention and treatment in three prisons implemented