Supporting Measures to Combat Corruption and Money Laundering and to Foster Asset Recovery in Egypt

Project Duration: Ongoing

Project Duration: 21/07/2011 - 30/09/2016

Total Budget: US$ 4,180,103

Donor: European Commission

Delegation of the European Union to Egypt



Ministry of State for Administrative Development

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

Governmental anti-corruption agencies;

Government agencies;

Non-governmental organisations;


Youth; and

General Public.

Outline And Objectives

The project aims to address corruption and money laundering through an integrated and holistic approach, introducing key activities in close partnership with the Government of Egypt. Through this project, UNODC will provide the Government with the international experience required to tackle corruption in general and will put forward a platform for the exchange of information and best practices between government counterparts, civil society and technical assistance providers, covering issues such as democratic governance, human rights and access to justice, public administration and civil service reform, crime prevention, and promoting transparency and accountability. The immediate objectives include:

  1. Provide institutional support to the major anti-corruption agencies as well as other institutions involved in the fight against corruption and money laundering;
  2. Undertake and support the elaboration of a comprehensive national strategy to fight corruption and promote government transparency;
  3. Support the enactment of laws and the issuance of regulations to facilitate the implementation of the UNCAC;
  4. Build the capacity of anti-corruption officials, especially judges, prosecutors and investigators notably in their relations with other legal systems;
  5. Develop the capacity of criminal justice officials on different aspects of fighting money laundering including recovering stolen assets;
  6. Support the efforts of local NGOs and activists working in the field of fighting corruption in Egypt;
  7. Initiate a wide-reaching awareness raising campaign in Egypt targeting both the public and the private sectors; and
  8. Training and assisting governmental and non-governmental actors in Egypt in the recovery of stolen assets.

Key Achievements

  • UNODC took an active role advocating the fight against corruption through celebrating the Anti-Corruption Day in both Alexandria and Cairo;
  • An Expert Group Meeting on a National Strategy and National Legal Framework to combat corruption and money laundering and to recover stolen assets in Egypt held in Cairo from 6-7 December 2011;
  • Steering Committee established and the first technical meeting held;
  • Relevant stakeholders exposed to international experiences, lessons learnt and best practices in the field of asset recovery; and
  • Relevant stakeholders assisted in enhancing reporting and complaint mechanisms against corrupt acts.

This project is funded by the European Commission