Global Programme for Strengthening the Capacities of Member States to Prevent and Combat Organized and Serious Crimes


Project Duration: 08/09/2008 - 31/12/2015

Total Budget: US$ 18,481,255

Donors: Multiple Donors


United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Target Groups

Criminal Intelligence Analysts; Law Enforcement Officials; Prosecutors and Judges; and Specialized Units/Agencies dealing with Criminal Intelligence, Organized Crime, Witness Protection.

Outline and Objectives

The Global Programme against Organized and Serious Crime provides technical assistance to the countries to support their efforts in effectively preventing and combating different forms of organized and serious crime. The Programme has a focus on international cooperation in criminal matters and other cross-cutting issues. One component deals with establishing and linking regional networks (such as, for central authorities and prosecutors, criminal intelligence units, witness protection authorities, etc.). Other components deal with criminal intelligence, investigations and law enforcement information sharing in order to support specialised investigative and prosecuting units dealing with organized crime and assist related to victim and witness protection. The overall objectives of this project are carried out through the:

  1. Development of tools, training materials and good practices on specific components of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime
  2. Provision of policy advice, legal and technical assistance and mentoring to strengthen institutions, and enhance knowledge and expertise of criminal justice officials (law enforcement officials, prosecuting and judicial authorities) and civil society
  3. Strengthening international cooperation and coordination among Member States, including with regional and international organizations
  4. Strengthening the ability to collect, analyze and share criminal intelligence and to use special investigative techniques and conduct cross border investigations
  5. Awareness raising on and capacity building for victim and witness assistance and protection
  6. Awareness raising on the negative impact of organized crime and promoting partnerships with civil society, the media and the private sector

The programme provides specialist expertise and lends support to the development of new initiatives, with a specific focus on working towards the establishment of specialized units and networks of criminal justice authorities. Other areas of work are related to criminal intelligence, the use of special investigative techniques, international cooperation in criminal matters and witness protection. The programme will also address how civil society, the media and the private sector can better develop effective and sustainable programmes and partnerships to address organized crime and impunity.

Key Achievements

  • Various tools as Wildlife and Forest Crime Analytic Toolkit were developed, translated and used by Member States to combat organized and serious crimes
  • Legal and technical assessments were carried out regarding criminal justice systems in several states
  • Technical assistance and training provided on combating human trafficking, kidnapping and extortion, wire-tapping, and on structure of organized crime
  • Several coordination meetings gathering relevant stakeholders on organized crime were held
  • Advisors posted in the field to provide continuous advice, expertise and training
  • Expert advice and inputs provided to UNODC regional programmes and project development and implementation, and to the development of new or innovative initiatives
  • Political and technical support secured and maintained for the establishment and running of specialized units/agencies/task forces and networks