Strengthen the Capacity for Vocational Training in the Detention Centres for Minors in Conflict with the Law to Improve Rehabilitation

Project Status: Completed

Project Duration:01/07/2006 - 31/07/2007

Total Budget: US$ 111,300

Donors: Drosos Foundation


Ministry of Justice


Target Groups

Children in conflict with the law, or at risk;

Child victims of crime, with a special emphasis on girls;

Magistrates, judges and prosecutors in ordinary and juvenile courts;

Social workers;

Policy-makers and officials and staff of the Ministry of Justice; and

Staff in the corrections system, police officers and social workers responsible for dealing with children

Outline and Objectives

The project complements project extension LEB/R30 entitled "Support to the Juvenile Justice System in Lebanon", by extending UNODC assistance to the detention centre for juveniles in conflict with the law. It aims to enhance the chances of social and professional rehabilitation in accordance with international standards by:

  • strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Interior, in particular the prison administration, to contribute to developing and implementing  sustainable activities in the juvenile sector in the Roumieh Detention Centre;
  • strengthening the professional training and production workshops to meet labor market demands; and
  • Decreasing the stigma of the detention experience by allowing the expression of the children.