Improving Detention Conditions in Roumieh Prison, Lebanon

Project Duration: 01/2010- 12/2011

Total Budget: US$ 418,100

Donors: Denmark & Netherlands


Ministry of Justice with close coordination with the Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

1. Roumieh Prison inmate population and their families; with special focus on vulnerable groups of detainees, including juveniles and young females

2. Officials entrusted with correction issues who participated in technical assistance or training activities, namely:

  • Officials and staff of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice, and other actors working with detainees and prisoners, including those working with civil society and NGOs

Outline and Objectives

This project is designed to help with the implementation of penal reform aimed at the improvement of Roumieh prison conditions. The immediate objectives include:

  1. Improvement of health and food management
  2. Improvement of prisoner rehabilitation and treatment programmes
  3. Extension of the family visiting procedures to all prisoners with a related data management

Key Achievements

  • The refurbishment of the kitchen prison area, training of inmates on hygienic and food management issues, and the improvement of food distribution mechanisms
  • The establishment of a bakery in Roumieh Prison where inmates can work. It also serves the prison, with the aim of eventually serving all prisons in Lebanon, and becoming a private bakery with a self- sustaining setup.
  • The creation of specific and targeted vocational training workshops for juveniles to empower and reintegrate inmates into society
  • An increased number of beneficiaries of the family visiting area for the sentenced inmates and their families.
  • The creation of a home-grown communications data management system (BASEM) which combines inmate's personal, social, and legal information. This tool was also instrumental in producing reports that served the Government at the legal and policy levels as well as in times of security crises.