Measures to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Human Beings in Lebanon  

Project Status: Completed

Project Duration: 01/01/2006- 31/10/2010

Total Budget: US$ 842,533

Donors: Netherlands & SDC


Ministry of Justice with close coordination with the Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

  1. The implementing and associated ministries and involved agencies, including members of the Lebanese criminal justice system and their staff who receive training
  2. Victims of human trafficking who receive protection and assistance from improved awareness and those victims whose cases are successfully dealt with within the criminal justice system

Outline and Objectives

This project is designed to assist the government in establishing measures to prevent and combat human trafficking in Lebanon. The immediate objectives include:

  1. Development of a shared network between agencies, including prosecutors and judges, law enforcement, and civil society stakeholders working in the field
  2. Preparation of an assessment report about trafficking in Lebanon, identifying trends  and providing recommendations and improvement methods
  3. Review and analysis of the Lebanese legislative requirements and capability of Lebanon to take measures needed to implement the law after ratification of protocol
  4. Development of a training program for law enforcement and judiciary personnel, specialized social workers, and NGO representatives,  that focuses on  investigation techniques, exchanges of information, international cooperation, and methods used by crime groups
  5. Implementation of  awareness raising campaigns with the help of UNODC Public Service Announcements
  6. Development of a National Plan of Action to combat Human Trafficking

Key Achievements

  • Establishment of a National Committee on behalf of the Ministry of Justice to deal with all matters concerning human trafficking
  • The development of a country assessment report highlighting the situation of THB in Lebanon, which led to the creation of a draft law that was adopted and submitted to the Ministry of Justice in July 2009
  • Establishment of a bilateral coordination effort with Moldova , aimed at creating links for victim support and repatriation
  • Development of an information tool kit for Lebanese law enforcement, in partnership with Moldovan government officials
  • Distribution of health kits to foreign prisoners, identified as potential victims of THB