Drug Control and Related Crime Cooperation Programme between the Palestinian Authority and UNODC for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking and Related Criminal Activities 

Project Status: Completed

Project Duration: 30/08/2005 - 30/06/2011 

Total Budget: US$ 1,529,826

Donors: Italy & Sweden


1. Ministry of Health

  • National AIDS Committee
  • National High Committee for the Prevention of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

2. Ministry of Interior

  • Anti Narcotics General Administration
  • Dept. Of Arab and International Affairs
  • Military Medical Services
  • Reform and Rehabilitation Centres

Target Groups

The High Committee for Drug Control

The Rapid Situation Assessment Team

Staff from the Community Mental Health Centres, UNRWA's Health Centres, social workers

A number of NGOs

Staff at the treatment and rehabilitation facilities

Outline and Objectives

This cooperation programme aims to improve the Palestinian Authority's capacity within the field of drug demand reduction and harm reduction, as well as drug related crime law enforcement. The immediate objectives include:

  1. Preparation of a National Strategic Action Plan on Drug Control and the establishment of the structure for its implementation.
  2. Establishment of a comprehensive legal framework consistent with the 3 UN Drug Control Conventions.
  3. Development and implementation of a comprehensive and coordinated demand reduction programme.
  4. Strengthening of the human resources and operational capability for drug control and related crime enforcement.
  5. Establishment of coordinated networking and control measures between Israeli and Palestinian drug control authorities and related entities.

Key Achievements

  • Development of a National Drug Strategy and Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Protocol.
  • Development of drug law with cooperation from international and national legal experts to facilitate its compliance with the three UN Drug Control Conventions.
  • A drug use and HIV assessment among drug users and in prison settings was taken and the results were endorsed.
  • Training of 67 health and other services providers (including peer educators and outreach workers) on comprehensive HIV service provision.
  • Hosting of a two-day advocacy workshop on harm reduction among injecting drug users and in prison settings for 21 police officials.
  • Improved knowledge on comprehensive drug treatment services of 11 members of the High National Committee for the Prevention of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.
  • Establishment of 2 drop-in centres in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. These drop-in centres undertake community outreach among drug users in addition to a condom, needle and syringe distribution programme.
  • Preparation of a peer education package for drug use in Arabic to serve the Middle East and North Africa region.