Strengthening the Management of the Palestinian Penitentiary System and the Rehabilitation of Inmates in Civil Prisons Administered by the Palestinian Authority

Project Duration: 15/11/2010 - 31/12/2013

Total Budget: US$ 3,343,887

Donor: The Netherlands


Palestinian Ministry of Interior

Palestinian Civil Police

Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Directorate (CRCD)

Target Groups

Senior GARRC Staff and Managers responsible for the operation of Reform and Rehabilitation Centers (RRCs)

Selected GARRC Staff 

GARRC's Internal Training Capacity

Stakeholders in Charge of RRC Oversight

RRC Inmates

Civil Society Organisations

The Public

Outline and Objectives

This project represents the second phase of PSET 49 and contains activities which are:

  • A logical continuation of activities undertaken in phase I
  • Supportive elements identified by GARRC and UNODC, building on the achievements of Phase I

These additional components include the provision of technical assistance to the development of prison inspection mechanisms with a particular focus on:

  • Reviewing the legality of detention and reducing the pre-trial detention prison population
  • Raising public awareness and cooperation with civil society organizations to harness their support in improving conditions in prisons and the rehabilitation of prisoners

Overall, the project will:

  • Further strengthen the management capacity of CRCD
  • Improve cooperation between CRDC and other ministries mandated to provide services in prisons
  • Continue with prison staff training and the building of CRDC's internal training capacity
  • Establish a wider range of rehabilitation programmes and develop such programmes in each of the RRCs
  • Improve healthcare in prisons, including the treatment for drug dependent inmates

Key Achievements

  • Compliance with regulatory frameworks strengthened through enhanced management, training and outreach capacity differently as a result of the delivered outputs
  • Prison regime activities for inmates diversified and enhanced to cover all Corrections and Rehabilitation Centres
  • Healthcare conditions and capacity in Corrections and Rehabilitation Centres improved