Strengthening the Process of Prison Reform in the Republic of South Sudan


Project Status: Completed
Project Duration: 24/06/2013 - 01/01/2015
Total Budget: US$ 4,484,131
Donor: United States of America


National Prisons Service of South Sudan (NPSS);  UNMISS Corrections Advisory and Criminal Justice Experts; Probation Service of Kenya

Target Groups

South Sudan Prison officers identified for re-training to become Probation Officers; Prison Officers identified as staff of the Prison Training Academy; Long-term Trainees at the Academy including officer cadets, prison staff that were previously trained to function as probation officers and new officers to be selected for re-designation to probation officers; Prison inmates selected for skills development in horticulture and prisons population in four prisons for nutrition improvement; Prison Agriculture Staff; General Prison Staff for English literacy.

Outline And Objectives

This project serves as the fourth phase of the larger UNODC Prison Reform Programme for South Sudan that started in 2007. Building on the efforts of the previous three previous phases, the present project will continue to further strengthen the process of prison reform in the Republic of South Sudan by:

  • Expanding the physical facilities at the Lologo Prison Academy.
  • Improving English literacy skills among prison staff.
  • Expanding the probation and aftercare function more broadly across the country.
  • Capacity building for probation officers already carrying out the function of probation as well as training new officers for the probation and aftercare function.
  • Increasing prisoner health through the establishment of prison horticulture farms to increase prisoner nutrition and would
  • Conduct an assessment on the situation and needs with regards to drug use, HIV and Tuberculosis in South Sudan prisons.