Increasing access to prevention and care services for drug use and HIV/AIDS in the prison settings

Project Status: Completed

Project Duration: 01/05/2007 - 31/12/2009

Total Budget: US$ 997,700

Donor: Sweden


Ministry of Health

Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

Prison Inmates

Prison Staff

Outline and Objectives

The overall objective aims at the development of a sustainable multi-sectoral response to increase access to drug use and HIV/AIDS prevention and care services in prisons, combining awareness-raising activities with preventive measures, counselling and treatment, as well as measures to minimize overcrowding, and to monitor and improve general conditions in the institutions. This shall be achieved through:

  1. establishing national strategies for HIV/AIDS in prison settings;
  2. increasing the knowledge on the current risks and skills to deal with drug use and HIV/AIDS in  prisons  among prisons' personnel;
  3. strengthening health and social facilities for the prevention and care of drug use and HIV/AIDS in prisons;
  4. increasing the knowledge of inmates on drug use, HIV/AIDS and ways to reduce potential risks of those conditions; and
  5. reducing overcrowding and improve general prisons conditions.