The Arab Initiative to Build National Capacities to Combat Human Trafficking in the Arab Countries

Project Duration: 19/03/2012 - 18/03/2015

Total Budget: US$ 5,300,000

Donor: The Qatar Foundation for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings


The Qatar Foundation for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings

The League of Arab States

UN Human Rights Training and Documentation Centre for South-West Asia and the Arab Region

Qatar's Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

Criminal Justice Actors  including parliamentarians, legislators and criminal justice practitioners, customs, police and immigration officers

Civil Society Organizations and other Victim Service Providers

Media Personnel


General Public

Outline and Objectives

Human Trafficking is a serious and growing concern globally. Recent policy and legal reforms indicate that there is a serious effort in the MENA region to ensure stronger commitment to combat human trafficking. However, a regional sustainable effort has to date been lacking. Therefore, this initiative has been welcomed by the League of Arab States.

This project aims to build national capacities in the Arab region to effectively combat human trafficking. It will do so by supporting the target countries in various ways:

  • Establishing national and regional coalitions to fight human trafficking
  • Promoting the ratification and implementation of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children
  • Strengthening the institutional and human capacities of criminal justice systems
  • Improving mechanisms for the appropriate identification referral, support and protection of victims
  • Raising awareness about the crime and its devastating consequences on individuals and societies at large.

The Arab Initiative will achieve its objectives through building national, sub-regional and regional coalitions. In this way, national and regional coordination will be emphasised. The Initiative will also conduct regional and national specialised training workshops to build the capacity of all concerned stakeholders to prevent, prosecute and adjudicate cases of human trafficking while protecting the rights of the victims.

Key Achievements

  • Development of comprehensive regional policy framework.
  • Capacity-building of Anti-Human Trafficking Coordination Unit.
  • Establishment of Anti-Trafficking in Persons Network of focal points in the relevant Ministries of the Arab League Member States.