Dubai Police Drug Law Enforcement Capacity Building and Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Youth 

Project Status: Completed

Project Duration: 07/05/2007 - 31/07/2010

Total Budget: US$ 1,170,417

Donors: United Arab Emirates


  • Dubai Police

Target Groups

  • Journalists and Media Experts
  • Community Police Officers
  • Social Workers
  • School Teachers
  • Students

Outline and Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Dubai Police to organize and facilitate training of national and regional law enforcement staff and demand reduction providers, and to develop and implement drug control strategies, demand reduction activities and action plans focusing on youth. Through this project it is envisaged that the Dubai Police will have a leading role in the reversal of the increasing trend of drug abuse within the youth population in the UAE, the GCC countries and other interested countries in the region.

  • The first immediate objective of the project will be the development of a national action plan on drug demand reduction. Within this context, the project will help in revitalizing the development of the National Drug Control Strategy of the Government of the UAE and assist in advocating it to other countries of the region successively. As such, the Dubai Police will act as a pioneer on national action plan development in the region and will subsequently be able to provide support to other countries in the region in the development of their own drug control strategies and action plans.
  • The second immediate objective of the project will be to develop and implement drug abuse prevention activities among youth in schools and universities. This will include the development of peer education activities, which aim to promote healthy life skills and alternatives to drug abuse as well as provide young people with the necessary resistance skills. The objective aims not only to raise awareness among youth on drug abuse prevention but also to provide information to parents on early detection of drug abuse in the home and on the means of handling drug abuse situations.
  • This objective will rely heavily on public information materials for the dissemination of vital information both among the youth and their parents. The media will also be utilized to spread awareness and advocate for the implementation of similar prevention activities in the Gulf region. Public information materials will include the production of brochures, flyers, posters, and films for use in schools and universities. In an effort to further develop targeted media campaigns, the programme aims to work with media practitioners to further build their skills and engage them in supporting the national response to drug abuse. Within this context, the programme aims to utilize the skills of the Kuwaiti national media group Gheras. The group began its activities 5 years ago in Kuwait under the direct sponsorship of the crown prince Sheikh Saad El Abdallah Al Sabah. Gheras' initiatives in the Kuwaiti communities, schools and universities have been largely viewed as a successful regional initiative and have also been culturally appreciated by most members of the GCC countries. For the implementation of the programme's activities, Gheras will assist the Dubai Police in training and mobilizing the regional media experts to address the drug abuse problem in the Gulf region.
  • Moreover, the project further aims to develop a national hotline for drug abuse that provides access to basic and initial preventive information and intends to utilize existing best practices and training materials and it will depend on the government counterparts and NGOs for its implementation in order to ensure effective results and long-term sustainability.
  • The third immediate objective of the project will focus on developing and upgrading the training centre of Dubai Police to become a centre of excellence in training for the GCC countries in both supply and demand reduction. A task force of 10 officers will be trained as trainers through international and national training courses and will be certified to conduct drug law enforcement training in other countries of the region.

Key Achievements

Objective 1 - A national action plan on drug demand reduction developed:

  1. A number of Drug Law Enforcement Officers from Dubai Police attended and participated in a work shop in Lebanon on designing, drafting, and marketing of projects related to drug control that was held in Beirut during the period 13 to 17 January 2009.
  2. Two training courses on field surveillance and body language were conducted for Drug Law Enforcement Officers, and Customs and Seaport Officers from Dubai Police, in order to strengthen their knowledge and technical skills in the field of drug supply reduction. The trainings were held during the month of March 2009.
  3. Five short animated films on drug prevention, and a magazine targeting raising awareness on drug prevention among youth and families in the region were developed. A test group from four primary schools in Dubai was formed to test the electronic library that was previously developed, integrating UN official documents (HEMAYA), whereby positive results were observed, however a few changes in the layout of the website will take place to further strengthen access to it.
  4. Previously developed short animated films on drug prevention, were finalized and approved by Dubai Police, whereby they were aired on Dubai Satellite Channel and Al Jazeera Kids Channel. Similarly, 50,000 copies of the magazine targeting raising awareness on drug prevention among youth and families that was developed previously, was printed and disseminated in the region.

Objective 2 - Development and implementation of a coordinated national drug abuse and related HIV/AIDS prevention programme:

  1. Four trainings on drug prevention for youth supervisors in social clubs took place during the month of November 2009.
  2. A training course on drug prevention and field operations conducted by Dubai Police for Drug Law Enforcement Officers was held in Sudan during the period from 15 to 23 May 2009.

Objective 3 - Dubai Police Training Center to be a center of excellence for the transfer of knowledge and training of law enforcement staff in the region:

  1. 'Knowledge Horizon', a company for technological development and knowledge transfer, was contracted to develop and produce advanced electronic training courses for the development of corporate skills and capacity building for Drug Law Enforcement Officers.
  2. An updated version of the advanced electronic training courses that were developed by 'Knowledge Horizon' have been submitted during the month of August 2009.




Dubai Statement on Strategic Planning and Co-operation in Drug Control