Drug Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation

The UNODC strategy has so far been to promote locally developed good practices and networking for reducing demand for and harm from drugs, with the aim of building capacity to effectively address emerging drug use and related health problems. Training tool kits based on evidence-based interventions, best practices and responses have been developed and adopted.

The Regional Programme approach is to further scale up these activities to build a knowledge sharing network across the region.


To help prevent drug abuse, UNODC gives priority to activities including life-skills education in schools and family skills training.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

UNODC advocates for evidence and human rights-based drug dependence treatment, and build the capacity of service providers to deliver drug dependence treatment and HIV prevention within a continuum of care.

Partnerships with healthcare systems and civil society are being established.

Another focus is given to building bridges between legislative bodies and systems of healthcare, drug dependence treatment, social services, vocational training, law enforcement and criminal justice.


A Middle East and North Africa network on drug dependence treatment is being developed and includes government counterparts, academic institutions, and treatment providers.

In addition, UNODC provides training and technical assistance to selected countries for establishing drug information systems and building the capacity to access the availability, quality, coverage and impact of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation interventions, using internationally harmonized indicators and tools.

Campaigns and Initiatives

World Drug Campaign

The World Drug Campaign is a global campaign led by UNODC that aims to raise awareness about the major challenge that illicit drugs represent to society as a whole, and especially to the young. The goal of the campaign is to mobilize support and inspire people to act against drug use.

Youth Initiative

The UNODC Global Youth Initiative aims to empower and connect youth from around the globe to become active in their schools, communities, and youth groups for the prevention of substance abuse.


We have launched a Facebook Page to connect with youth from around the globe! We'll be hosting a variety of discussion topics, activities, contests, and events throughout the year. Join us!

In Egypt, ROMENA is working closely with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the National Fund for Drug Control and Right Start Foundation International (NGO) to combat drug addiction in Egypt. The campaign is called "ewعa!" which means, "Beware!"  The Youth Initiative has launched an awareness campaign that aims to spread knowledge with regards to the dangers of drug addiction. This Initiative targets 2000 schools and 25 universities and youth centres.


You can visit Ew3a's Facebook Page here!


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Ongoing Projects

Prevention of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS among Drug Users, Injecting Drug Users and Vulnerable Populations in Libya (LIBI36)

Completed Projects

Strengthening the National and Legal Institutional Capacities of Libya through Multi-Sectoral Drug Control Assistance (LIBF71)

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International Days

World Drug Day: International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

26 June