Prison Reform

Training of Prison Management and Staff

ROMENA assists in strengthening the management and operation of prisons through the provision of specialized training to prison management and staff on: expansion of prison information systems, improving the welfare and living conditions of prisoners and strengthening the capacity of the prison services to respond to the needs of vulnerable groups within the prison population, including women, offenders with mental health care needs and drug abuse problems. ROMENA Prison Reform Programme also supports Member States' efforts to strengthen and develop a correctional system in line with internationally recognized standards.

Reintegration of Prisoners

The successful reintegration of prisoners is an important focus. Prison reform programmes include the introduction of education, vocational training and life skills designed to build the capacity of prisoners to live as law abiding citizens following their release. Prison staff receive training on the needs of prisoners in order to facilitate reintegration with interventions initiated while in prison, and to the extent possible, continued after release.

Alternatives to Imprisonment

Alternatives to imprisonment can take many forms, and while the administration of alternatives sometimes falls on the prison system, the responsibility for ensuring the effective use of non-custodial measures and sanctions rests on the criminal justice system as a whole. UNODC ensures that a global approach is adopted in introducing and expanding the implementation of non-custodial measures and sanctions, including restorative justice processes and programmes, working with all criminal justice institutions and actors involved.

Ongoing Projects

Improving detention conditions in Roumieh prison- Lebanon (LBNT89)

Reinforcing Human Rights and Democracy in Lebanon - Penal Reform Focusing on Prison Reform (LBNT94)

Strengthening the Management of the Palestinian Penitentiary System and the Rehabilitation of Inmates in Civil Prisons Administered by the Palestinian Authority (PSEX21)

Assisting the Process of Prison Reform in South Sudan (SDNX06)

Completed Projects

Strengthening the Management, Operation and Oversight of Civil Prisons Administered by the Palestinian Authority (PSET49)

Improving the Criminal Justice System through Support to Penal Reform (LBNS92)

Assisting the Process of Prison Reform in Southern Sudan (SDNU48)

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