Completed Projects

Countering Illicit Trafficking, Organized Crime and Terrorism

Supporting Iraqi Efforts to Ensure the Effectiveness of the Fight against Corruption by Strengthening Adherence to the Standards of the UN Convention (IRQV30)

Development of an Action Programme against Illicit Drugs and Organised Crime in Morocco (MORF74)

Measures to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Human Beings in Lebanon (LEBR61)

Establishment of a Gulf Centre for Criminal Intelligence (QATJ24)

Strengthening the Criminal Justice System Response to the Smuggling of Migrants in North Africa (XAMT14)

Promoting Integrity and Building Justice

Training of Selected Law Enforcement Officers in Algeria (ALGC48)

Strengthening Legislative and Institutional Capacity for Juvenile Justice in Egypt (EGYR31)

Programme on Juvenile Justice in Egypt (EGYT47)

Strengthening Iraq's National and International Border Control Capacities to Counter Drug Trafficking (IRQH52)

Strengthening Judicial Integrity and Capacity in Iraq (IRQR64)

Strengthening the Capacity of the Government of Iraq in International Cooperation, Asset Recovery, Extradition and the Initiation and Management of Litigation in Foreign Jurisdictions (IRQX38)

Financial Investigative Training for the Commission of Integrity and Other National Investigative Institutions in Iraq (IRQX39)

Building the Capacity of the Criminal Justice System in Jordan, Including Juvenile Courts, to Manage and Process Cases of Children in Conflict with the Law (JORS21)

Support to the Juvenile Justice System in Jordan (JORT36)

Strengthening the Capacity for Vocational Training in the Detention Centres for Minors in Conflict with the Law to Improve Rehabilitation in Lebanon (LBNS35)

Improving the Criminal Justice System through Support to Penal Reform (Phase I)(LBNS92)

Strengthening National Legal and Institutional Capacities in Drug Control in Lebanon Through a Multi-Sectoral Approach (LEBC72)

Support to Anti-Corruption Strategy Plan in Lebanon (LEBR71)

Strengthening the Legislative and Institutional Capacity for Juvenile Justice in Lebanon (LEBR72)

Strengthening the Management, Operation and Oversight of Civil Prisons Administered by the Palestinian Authority (PSET49)


Assisting the Process of Prison Reform in South Sudan (SDNX06)

Preparatory Assistance Project to Increase Access to Justice and Legal Aid in the Arab Region (XMET31)

Preparatory Assistance to Yemen for a Comprehensive Programme Building in Drug Control and Crime Prevention (YEMU30)

Drug Prevention and Health

Multi-Sectoral Drug Control Assistance to the Government of Bahrain (BHRJ10)

Preventive Education, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers, and Control of Illicit Drugs and Psychotropic Medicines in Egypt - Project 1 and 2 (EGY518, EGY751, EGY771)

Prevention of Drug Abuse among Street Children in Egypt (EGYF48)

Strengthening the Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for Drug Abusers in Egypt (EGYF53)

Strengthening HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support Services in Prisons and Community Aftercare Services in Egypt (EGYK08)

Strengthening the Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for Drug Abusers in Jordan (JORF49)

Strengthening Libya's National and Legal Institutional Capacities through Multi-Sectoral Drug Control Assistance (LIBF71)

Multi-Sectoral Drug Control Assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PALB46)

Drug Control and Related Crime Cooperation Programme between the Palestinian Authority and UNODC for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking and Related Criminal Activities (PALI06)

Dug Control Cooperation Programme Between the United Arab Emirates and UNODC (UAEH02)

Increasing Access to Prevention and Care Services for Drug Use and HIV/AIDS in Prison Settings (XAMJ07)

Dubai Police Drug Law Enforcement Capacity Building and Prevention of Drug Abuse among Youth (XMEJ21)