Ongoing Projects

Countering Illicit Trafficking, Organized Crime and Terrorism

Supporting Iraqi Efforts to Ensure the Effectiveness of the Fight against Corruption by Strengthening Adherence to the Standards of the UN Convention (IRQV30)

Strengthening the Framework of the Arab Region to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking (XMEX19)

The Arab Initiative to Build National Capacities to Combat Human Trafficking in the Arab Countries (XAMX59)

Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism (YEMX24)

Strengthening the Legal Regime against Terrorism (GLOR35)

Promoting Integrity and Building Justice

Supporting Measures to Combat Corruption and Money Laundering and to Foster Asset Recovery in Egypt (EGYX49)

Reinforcing Human Rights and Democracy in Lebanon - Penal Reform Focusing on Prison Reform (LBNT94)

Support to the Process of Criminal Justice Reform in Libya (LBYS66)

Forensic Service Assistance Programme for the Palestinian Authority (PSEX02)

Strengthening the Management of the Palestinian Penitentiary System and the Rehabilitation of Inmates in Civil Prisons Administered by the Palestinian Authority (PSEX21)

Strengthening the Process of Prison Reform in the Republic of South Sudan (Phase IV) (SSDX98)

Strengthening Respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Sectors in Tunisia, with a Focus on the Police and the Judiciary (TUNX80)

Strengthening the Working Methodologies of the Public Security Directorate in Jordan (JORZ09)

Drug Prevention and Health

Prevention of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS among Drug Users, Injecting Drug Users and Vulnerable Populations in Libya (LIBI36)

Programme on Promoting Good Practices and Networking for Reducing Demand for and Harm from Drugs (XNAJ58)

Completed Projects