5th National Drug Control System Users' Group Meeting

Ottawa, Canada 10-12 March 2003 the 5th NDS users' group meeting was held.  The meeting focused on demonstrating NDS 5.1 and the sustainability of NDS in the future.  The government of Canada graciously hosted the meeting as a symbolic gesture of their commitment to support NDS.

The following is a list of the documents used in the meeting.

Opening remarks by Mr. Franz Baumann
Opening remarks by Mr. Phillip Kruss

Australia's experience with NDS 5.1, Dr. Michael Pitt. 
Australia's reporting requirements on domestic control, and remarks on automating the upload of data received.
Switzerland's test of NDS 5.0.4, detailed test report, Mr. Christian Stamm.
Uruguay's experience with NDS 4.0 (the building process), Dr. Raquel Magri.
Ireland's experience with NDS 4.0 (moving toward production), Ms. Lorain Nolan.
Slovakia's experience with NDS 4.0/5.0 (achievements), Dr. Maria Marcakova
Current Operational Arrangements, Mr. Maher Abu Ghali.
Towards Sustainable NDS, Mr. Philip Kruss.
The development of NDS, contractor's overview, KATSI.

Report of the meeting. (please, note that the report of the meeting is in draft version until 30 March)
Some photos of the meeting.