Presentations and Statements Thematic Debate

Chapter VI : Operational recommendations on strengthening international cooperation based on the principle of common and shared responsibility

Jo Dedeyne, Chief of the Secretariat to the Governing Bodies, UNODC - Esther Best, Manager, National Drug Council, Ministry of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago [video]

Cherine RAHMY, Chief of the Regional Section for Africa and the Middle East, UNODC

Alexander SCHMIDT, Chief of the Regional Section for Europe, West & Central Asia and Representative for South Eastern Europe, UNODC - Grigory Pustovitov, Director of Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre, CARICC [video]

Andres NUNEZ, Officer-in-Charge, Regional Section for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNODC

Tullio SANTINI, Chief of the Regional Section for South Asia, East Asia & the Pacific, UNODC

Ezekwesiri ELUCHIE (Nigeria), People Against Drug Dependence and Ignorance (PADDI)

Nikita LUSHNIKOV (Russian Federation), National Anti-Drug Union (NAU)

Abdellatif Adebibe (Morocco), Confederation of Associations of Senhaja of the Rif for Development (CASRD) [video]

Amy Lee King, Foundation for Alternative Approaches to Addiction - Think & do tank, FAAT [video]

Portugal, Statement

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