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UNODC prepares for the initiation of the Strong Families Programme in Nicaragua


From  13 to 16 August in Nicaragua,  within the framework of the Strong Families Programme, UNODC conducted a workshop for the facilitators of that Programme in Nicaragua.  The workshop was the first to be conducted in Nicaragua under this project and it was designed to pave the way for the implementation of the Strong Families Programme in Nicaragua.

The Strong Families Programme seeks to strengthen parental capabilities and reduce risk behaviour in adolescents.

35 facilitators partici´pated in this workshop from the Ministry of the Family, the Ministry of Education, the National Council against Organized Crime and the Office ofYouth Affairs of the National Police.

The Honourable Marcia Ramírez Mercado, Minister of Family, Adolescence and Children , as well as Mr. Pedro Dávila, Executive Secretary of the CNCC, and Mrs. Melva Ramírez, Team Leader of the Drug Demand Reduction Project, participated in the opening ceremony in which Minister Ramírez highlighted that the Strong Families Programme is well aligned with the Nicaraguan prevention policy on family strengthening.