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New UN publication on inter-agency coordination in combating corruption

... In December 2012, the United Nations Development Group for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNDG LAC), in collaboration with the UNODC Regional Office for Central America and the Caribbean in Panama (ROPAN) and the Democratic Governance Practice Area of the Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), collaborated in the realization of the  first UN inter-agency workshop on anti-corruption. This event served as the practical platform for the development of the publication entitled: the United Nations Regional and Interagency Workshop. Joint Efforts against Corruption to Achieve the MDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) is the only international, legally binding and- with 167 States Parties- universal instrument in the fight against corruption, playing an increasingly important role in Latin America and the Caribbean, as a mechanism to promote integrated corruption policies. The UNCAC requires a UN coordinated interagency effort to maximize those necessary areas for a comprehensive Post 2015 Agenda, including transparency and accountability.

This document has been designed to serve as a resource and reference to promote the incorporation of issues, so as to strengthen tranthereforesparency and accountability in interagency programming.