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Distribution of Informative Brochures to Female Prisoners


Within the framework of Project "Supporting prison reform in Panama", and with an aim to fulfill the goal which aims to improve the conditions of confinement for women prisoners, information leaflets were designed, printed and distributed to female prisoners. These leaflets include basic information that each woman in custody must receive and know when entering prison, in compliance with national legislation and international standards.

To create the brochure for the Women's Rehabilitation Center in Panama City (CEFERE, according to its acronym in Spanish), a drawing competition was organized for female prisoners, in order to make a compilation of the most attractive artwork, so that it may then be used in the design of the brochure cover.

UNODC and the prison system staff delivered and presented the informative leaflets to the female prison population, explaining the content and the importance of them.

The brochures were translated into English, as a way of ensuring access to information for foreign women prisoners who do not read Spanish. Likewise, the indigenous women's organizations will translate the brochure to the Kuna language.