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Opening of Innovative Training Programme for Women Deprived of Liberty in Panama 


The General Directorate of the Prison System of Panama inaugurated a hydroponic workshop aiming to train women deprived of liberty in the women's prison in Panama City. This workshop was funded by the UNODC project "Supporting Prison Reform in Panama". Its main objective is to generate skills and abilities among the female prison population, so as to facilitate social reintegration.

The workshop trained women in the practice of hydroponics and hydroponic farming which is a cultivation method using mineral solutions instead of agricultural land. The seeds receive a balanced nutrient solution in water with all the essential chemical elements for plants to develop.

Twenty-five women deprived of liberty will benefit from each training course under this innovative programme and will also function as an initiative of self-management and alternative labour for development once these women are released.

The training courses will be provided by the National Institute of Professional Training for Human Development (INADEH) and products will be placed be marketed with the support of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA).