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UNODC ROPAN and SEPROVIT launch Training Programme on Human Rights with a focus on Victims

On July 24th the UNODC Project for the Attention to Victims, Witnesses, Whistleblowers and other Collaborators in the Penal Process, in collaboration with the Secretariat for Victims and Witnesses Protection (SEPROVIT, according to its acronym in Spanish) of the Government of Panama, launched a Training Programme on Human Rights with attention on Victims.

The launch was led jointly by Mrs Tulia Pardo, Director of the Public Ministry Training Office (Escuela de Capacitación del Ministerio Público), who stressed the importance of victims' Human Rights in increasing the knowledge and capacities of Public Ministry personnel; and Mr. Olivier Inizan, Deputy Representative of UNODC ROPAN, who pointed out that training is a primary pillar of the support  provided by UNODC to the Public Ministry of Panama. 

This programme is intended to reinforce institutional capacities within the Public Ministry of Panama when assisting and protecting victims and witnesses, specifically targeting civil servants working closely with victims and witnesses.

Personnel from Arraiján and la Chorrera attended the activity. This programme will be implemented at the national level, reaching several cities in the country with the purpose of training and raising the awareness around 300 officials. Mr. Walter Vizcarra, the UNODC Project Coordinator, highlighted that this training programme aims to facilitate increased understanding of Human Rights, highlighting that victims deserve respect and avoiding further victimization. 


Photo Credit: Public Ministry of Panama