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Presentation of the results of the external evaluation of Project "Supporting Prison Reform in Panamá"

On 3 April 2014, UNODC ROPAN hosted a meeting to present the final report of the external evaluation of the Project "Supporting prison reform of Panama".

This meeting was attended by: Ms. Sharon Diaz, National Head of Treatment of the General Office of the Prison System and focal point for the project; Ms. Giselle Castillo, Director of the Prison Training Academy; Ms. Yovana García, Head of National Project Department; Ms. Tamara Martinez, National Coordinator of the programme for specific attention to women deprived of liberty; and the project staff of UNODC ROPAN.

The external evaluation was conducted during January and February of 2014, and covered both phases of the project (executed between October 2010 and December 2013).  The evaluation was performed through the analysis of documents, visits to prisons and the Prison Training Academy, and interviews with the main beneficiaries of the project.

Among the key findings of the report is the emphasis that the project has successfully met the objectives, having built a close relationship of cooperation and coordination between UNODC ROPAN Project Team and the prison authorities of Panama.