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UNODC Regional Representative meets with President of INTERPOL


On 17 October 2013, the UNODC Regional Representative for Central America and the Caribbean, Mr. Amado Philip de Andrés had the pleasure of participating in meetings with the President of INTERPOL, Mrs. Mireille Ballestrazzi; the Minister of Public Security of Panama, His Excellency José Raúl Mulino; Supreme Court Magistrate, Honourable José Ayú Prado; Director of the National Police of Panama, Honourable Julio Moltó; and French Ambassador, His Excellency Hugh Goisbault, amongst other guests.

Discussions focused on issues of international cooperation; the establishment of a regional security hub in Panama; the connecting of intelligence platforms in different regions around the world; as well as increasing cooperation amongst air and maritime port control units, established in participating ports through the implementation of the UNODC- WCO Global Container Control Programme and the UNODC- WCO- INTERPOL Airport Communications Programme.