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NEW! Beautiful products made by prisoners around the world

Throughout the photographic synthesis of the products made by prisoners is notorious how providing prisoners with useful skills can help them achieve a life without crime on their release and prevent re-offending.


This video shows several products made in different prisons around the world within the framework of technical assistance projects that UNODC provides to United Nations' Member States.  Among the products presented, it can be appreciated a beautiful backpack made with "mola" (a form of textile art made entirely by hand, originally from the Guna ethnicity of Panama) by women inmates of the Women's Rehabilitation Center of Panama (CEFERE) in one of the production workshops financed by UNODC ROPAN.

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Implementing Prison Reform in Panama


In response to the commitment and willingness of the Panamanian State, UNODC has been implementing the project 'Supporting prison reform in Panama' since October 2010. The project's main objectives are: to develop a comprehensive reform strategy aimed at the humanization of prison conditions and the professionalization of prison staff; and to contribute to the achievement of Panama's goal of having a modern, effective and efficient prison service in line with international standards.

This video highlights the achievements made by the Panamanian Prison System through the technical and financial support of this project implemented by the UNODC Regional Office for Central America and the Caribbean in Panama (UNODC ROPAN).