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Work Opportunities

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Deadline to Apply

Project Coordinator (Criminal Justice) Panama City, Panama 44221 30 de diciembre de 2014
Project Coordinator Panama City, Panama 51796  29 de diciembre de 2014
Specialist in the Implementation of Procedural Reform Panama City, Panama 51806   29 de diciembre de 2014
Civil Engineer Panama City, Panama 51808  22 de diciembre de 2014
Procurement Analyst Panama City, Panama 51799  22 de diciembre de 2014
Project Assistant Panama City, Panama 51801 22 de diciembre de 2014

Request for Quotation:  Catering Services from 1 to 12 December 2014


Panama City, Panama 1157 UNODC 2014 5 November 2014

Invitation to Tender:  Equipping the Protection and Assistance to Victims and Witnesses Units in the Provinces of Panama, Panama West Columbus , Herrera, Los Santos and Bocas del Toro, with Gesell Camera Systems.

Clarification 1

 Panamá  1027 UNODC 2014 14 November 2014 

Request for Quotation:  Conference Services for a Regional Workshop on Asset Declaration 4 to 5 December 2014


Antigua and Barbuda

1050 UNODC 2014

24 October 2014

Request for Quotation:   Conference Services for a Regional Drafting Workshop on Asset Recovery 12 to 14 November 2014

  Port-of-Spain Trinidad 1149 UNODC 2014    22  October 2014

Request for Quotation:  Construction of float in preparation for Christmas parade

Panama, Panama 1026 UNODC 2014 21 October 2014

Request for Quotation:  Furniture for the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science

2nd Call for Quotation; Amendement 1

Panama, Panama 906 UNODC 2014  30 October 2014

Request for Quotation: Supply Spectrophotometer with Fourier Transform Infrared Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry, Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences

Amendment 1; Clarification 1; Amendment 2

Panama, Panama 900 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Request for Quotation: Hotel Services on 30 and 31 October 2014

Panama, Panama 898 UNODC 2014  CLOSED
Request for Quotation: Provision and Installation of Office Furniture in the Centre of Excellence on Analysis of Crime and Drug Trends Panama, Panama 899 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Request for Quotation:  Layout and Printing service for PANT37 Project

Amendment 1, Clarification 1, Amendment 2,  Clarification 2Amendment 3, Amendment 4Amendment 5 



  853 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Request for Quotation:   Simultaneous Interpretation for a Workshop in Trinidad & Tobago

Clarification 1; Amendment 1; Amendment 2

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad  945 UNODC 2014


see  1149 UNODC 2014 

Request for Quotation:  Consultancy- design outline for research on violence, crime and drugs in Panama

Amendment 1

Panama, Panama   872 UNODC 2014 22  September 2014 

Request for Quotation:  Conference Services for a Regional Drafting Workshop on Asset Recovery on October 29th, 30th and 31st, 2014 to be held in Trinidad y Tobago

Amendment 1 

 Port-of-Spain Trinidad   871 UNODC 2014  18 September 2014

Consultancy:  Hiring of a Consultant for the realization of a comprehensive diagnosis of data flow processes and statistical information on durgs and crime in the Republic of Panama

Panama 800 UNODC 2014 16 September 2014

Request for Quotation: Acquisition, Installation, and Commissioning of an Information System for the Management, Monitoring and Control of  Private Security Providers in the Republic Of Guatemala

Amendment 1, Clarification 1, Amendment 2

Guatemala  527 UNODC 2014   29 September 2014

Internship: Global Container Control Programme

Terms of Reference; Apply

Request for Quotation:  Train the Trainers Workshop for Criminal Justice Professionals working in the area of Human Trafficking. Chiriquí, Panama 795 UNODC 2014 CLOSED
Request for Quotation:   Audiovisual equipment for Gesell Camara Conditioning in the regions of Herrera, Los Santos and Chiriquí Panama 529 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Consultancy: Hiring of two (2) Information Security Experts

Panama 803 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Invitation to Tender: Awareness raising campaign focused on prevention and information on sexual crimes amongst children

Clarification 1; Amendment 1; Clarification 2; Amendment 2; Clarification 3; Amendment 3

 Panama   771 UNODC 2014 22 September 2014
Consultancy: XAWU72 Airport Communications Project (AIRCOP) - Consultancy for the training of the AIRCOP Joint Airport Interdiction Task Forces.  Panama 642 UNODC 2014 CLOSED
INVITATION TO TENDER:  Hotel Services for Regional Meeting of the Global Control Programme in Guayaquil, Ecuador Ecuador    646 UNODC 2014 CLOSED
INVITATION TO TENDER: Two (2) Mobile Video Surveillence Systems for the Pilot Project for Cameras in the police patrol cars of the Guatemalan National Civil Police Guatemala

447 UNODC 2014

Clarification 1

Ammendment 1


REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Promotional Articles Panama 455 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Typesetting and Printing of Graphic Material

Panama 454 UNODC 2014


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Stregthening of the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System and the Penitentiary Training Academy, Republic of Panama. 

Ammendment   Calrification 1   Clarification 2

Panama 094 UNODC 2014 


Internship: Providing support to regional Programmes

Terms of Reference; Apply



Video Surveillence System for the National Civil Police in Guatemala: Pilot Project to place cameras in police cars.  



Consultancy: Evaluation of the Accusatory Penal System



Project Assistant - Regional Anticorruption Academy for Central America and the Caribbean

Terms of Reference; Apply


43603 CLOSED

Operations Assistant - Finance and Administration

Terms of Reference; Apply


43544 CLOSED

Internship: ROPAN Office - Communications

Terms of ReferenceApply



Internship: Airport Communications Programme (AIRCOP)

Terms of referenceApply



Project Assistant:   "Promoting Cooperation between Mexico and Central America for the Prevention and Fight against the Illicit Smuggling of Migrants".




Internship: Regional Anti-Corruption Academy for Central America and the Caribbean

Terms of Reference; Apply




Internship: "Strengthening the National Secretariat for Assistance and Protection to Victims, Reporting Persons, Witnesses and Collaborators in the penal process, including the use of the electronic monitoring bracelet as a tool for protection

Terms of Reference; Apply".



Invitations  to Tender

Acquisition of an emergency power generator and UPS for data centre servers on the main floor of the  Ministry of Government of Guatemala

Reference:  2014 001 RC IAL LAC (Second Call)

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