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Invitation to Tender: Engagement of a University or Institution of Higher Education for the Provision of Workshops, Training and Production of Manuals for the Public Prosecutor's Office in Panama

Rep. of Panama   


September 15,2016

Consultant on: Expert on Accusatory Penal System

Rep. of Panama 5512 UNODC 2016 CLOSED

Consultant on:  Prevention of Corruption

( Amendment 1)

Rep. of Panama 4662 UNODC 2015 CLOSED

Invitation to Tender:  Acquisition of Structured Cabling for UNODC, City of David, Panama

Rep. of Panama EOIUNODC11990 CLOSED

Invitation to Tender: Acquisition of five (5) vehicles for the Judiciary Branch of Panama for the implementation of the adversarial system in Panama

( Terms of reference)

( Amendment 1)

( Amendment 2)

( Amendment 3)

Rep. of Panama   4000 UNODC 2015 CLOSED


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Rep. of Panama

  3888 UNODC 2015 CLOSED

  Consultant on  Prevention of Corruption

( Terms of reference)

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( P11 Form )

Rep. of Panama



Invitation to Tender: Acquisition of furniture for the accusatory penal system in Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui ( Spanish )


( See Amendment 1)

( See Amendment 2)

( Clarification 1)

Rep. of Panama 2778 UNODC ROPAN 


Invitation to Tender:  Renovation of the offices of the Centre of Excellence for Trend Analysis of Drugs and Crime  ( Spanish)

Annex ; Forms

( See Amendment 1)

( See Amendment 2)

( See Clarification 1)

( See Clarification 2)

Rep. of Panama

2739 UNODC 2015