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Request for Quotation:  Catering Services from 1 to 12 December 2014


Panama City, Panama 1157 UNODC 2014 5 November 2014

Invitation to Tender:  Equipping the Protection and Assistance to Victims and Witnesses Units in the Provinces of Panama, Panama West Columbus , Herrera, Los Santos and Bocas del Toro, with Gesell Camera Systems.

Clarification 1

 Panamá  1027 UNODC 2014 14 November 2014 

Request for Quotation:  Conference Services for a Regional Workshop on Asset Declaration 4 to 5 December 2014


Antigua and Barbuda

1050 UNODC 2014

24 October 2014

Request for Quotation:   Conference Services for a Regional Drafting Workshop on Asset Recovery 12 to 14 November 2014

  Port-of-Spain Trinidad 1149 UNODC 2014    22  October 2014

Request for Quotation:  Construction of float in preparation for Christmas parade

Panama, Panama 1026 UNODC 2014 21 October 2014

Request for Quotation:  Furniture for the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science

2nd Call for Quotation; Amendement 1

Panama, Panama 906 UNODC 2014  30 October 2014

Request for Quotation: Supply Spectrophotometer with Fourier Transform Infrared Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry, Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences

Amendment 1; Clarification 1; Amendment 2

Panama, Panama 900 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Request for Quotation: Hotel Services on 30 and 31 October 2014

Panama, Panama 898 UNODC 2014  CLOSED
Request for Quotation: Provision and Installation of Office Furniture in the Centre of Excellence on Analysis of Crime and Drug Trends Panama, Panama 899 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Request for Quotation:  Layout and Printing service for PANT37 Project

Amendment 1, Clarification 1, Amendment 2,  Clarification 2Amendment 3, Amendment 4Amendment 5 



  853 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Request for Quotation:   Simultaneous Interpretation for a Workshop in Trinidad & Tobago

Clarification 1; Amendment 1; Amendment 2

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad  945 UNODC 2014


see  1149 UNODC 2014 

Request for Quotation:  Consultancy- design outline for research on violence, crime and drugs in Panama

Amendment 1

Panama, Panama   872 UNODC 2014 22  September 2014 

Request for Quotation:  Conference Services for a Regional Drafting Workshop on Asset Recovery on October 29th, 30th and 31st, 2014 to be held in Trinidad y Tobago

Amendment 1 

 Port-of-Spain Trinidad   871 UNODC 2014  18 September 2014

Consultancy:  Hiring of a Consultant for the realization of a comprehensive diagnosis of data flow processes and statistical information on durgs and crime in the Republic of Panama

Panama 800 UNODC 2014 16 September 2014

Request for Quotation: Acquisition, Installation, and Commissioning of an Information System for the Management, Monitoring and Control of  Private Security Providers in the Republic Of Guatemala

Amendment 1, Clarification 1, Amendment 2

Guatemala  527 UNODC 2014   29 September 2014

Internship: Global Container Control Programme

Terms of Reference; Apply

Request for Quotation:  Train the Trainers Workshop for Criminal Justice Professionals working in the area of Human Trafficking. Chiriquí, Panama 795 UNODC 2014 CLOSED
Request for Quotation:   Audiovisual equipment for Gesell Camara Conditioning in the regions of Herrera, Los Santos and Chiriquí Panama 529 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Consultancy: Hiring of two (2) Information Security Experts

Panama 803 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

Invitation to Tender: Awareness raising campaign focused on prevention and information on sexual crimes amongst children

Clarification 1; Amendment 1; Clarification 2; Amendment 2; Clarification 3; Amendment 3

 Panama   771 UNODC 2014 22 September 2014
Consultancy: XAWU72 Airport Communications Project (AIRCOP) - Consultancy for the training of the AIRCOP Joint Airport Interdiction Task Forces.  Panama 642 UNODC 2014 CLOSED
INVITATION TO TENDER:  Hotel Services for Regional Meeting of the Global Control Programme in Guayaquil, Ecuador Ecuador    646 UNODC 2014 CLOSED
INVITATION TO TENDER: Two (2) Mobile Video Surveillence Systems for the Pilot Project for Cameras in the police patrol cars of the Guatemalan National Civil Police Guatemala

447 UNODC 2014

Clarification 1

Ammendment 1


REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Promotional Articles Panama 455 UNODC 2014 CLOSED

REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Typesetting and Printing of Graphic Material

Panama 454 UNODC 2014


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Stregthening of the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System and the Penitentiary Training Academy, Republic of Panama. 

Ammendment   Calrification 1   Clarification 2

Panama 094 UNODC 2014 


Internship: Providing support to regional Programmes

Terms of Reference; Apply



Video Surveillence System for the National Civil Police in Guatemala: Pilot Project to place cameras in police cars.  



Consultancy: Evaluation of the Accusatory Penal System



Project Assistant - Regional Anticorruption Academy for Central America and the Caribbean

Terms of Reference; Apply


43603 CLOSED

Operations Assistant - Finance and Administration

Terms of Reference; Apply


43544 CLOSED

Internship: ROPAN Office - Communications

Terms of ReferenceApply



Internship: Airport Communications Programme (AIRCOP)

Terms of referenceApply



Project Assistant:   "Promoting Cooperation between Mexico and Central America for the Prevention and Fight against the Illicit Smuggling of Migrants".




Internship: Regional Anti-Corruption Academy for Central America and the Caribbean

Terms of Reference; Apply




Internship: "Strengthening the National Secretariat for Assistance and Protection to Victims, Reporting Persons, Witnesses and Collaborators in the penal process, including the use of the electronic monitoring bracelet as a tool for protection

Terms of Reference; Apply".



Invitations  to Tender

Acquisition of an emergency power generator and UPS for data centre servers on the main floor of the  Ministry of Government of Guatemala

Reference:  2014 001 RC IAL LAC (Second Call)

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