Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries


Sub-Programme 2

International/Regional Cooperation in Legal Matters

International cooperation in legal matters for a robust counter narcotics policy is often hindered by differences between legal systems and the lack of appropriate national legal provisions in some countries.

Sub-Programme 2 supports the harmonization of legal provisions across the region, facilitates contact among relevant authorities and supports institutions responsible for international/regional cooperation in legal matters to better address drug-related threats and crimes.

The Sub-Programme strengthens capacities of relevant national institutions to cooperate across borders in criminal justice matters. Sub-Programme 2 also works towards enhancing regional cooperation and coordination by assisting the countries of the region to bringing their domestic and institutional frameworks in closer compliance with the UN Standards and Norms.

Another important focus of Sub-Programme 2 is on supporting Regional Programme countries pursue the proceeds of illicit drugs and precursors trafficking, which currently are largely unaccounted for, enriching the traffickers and others who violate the law.

Sub-Programme 2 contributes to two outcomes, which deliver five outputs.