Publications: Drug Prevention, Treatment and Care

Access to comprehensive package of services for injecting drug users and their female sex partners

Diagnostic Study -  Barriers to and Opportunities for Uptake of HIV Testing and Antiretroviral Treatment among Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) in the Context of Targeted Interventions

Operational Research - Understanding the contexts and response related to overdose among injecting drug users

Operational Research - Female injecting drug users and female sex partners of men who inject drugs - Assessing care needs and developing responsive services

Operational Research - Needle Syringe Exchange Programme among Injecting Drug Users
Operational Research - Association of Drug Use Pattern with Vulnerability and Service Uptake among Injecting Drug Users

A Study in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh: HIV prevention among injecting drug users and their female sex partners - Implementation gaps and barriers

National Drug Use Survey, Maldives - 2011 / 2012
SOP on ''Methadone Maintenance Treatment in Maldives''
  Rolling out of OST in Tihar Prisons, India - Scientific Report
Good Practices in HIV prevention, care and treatment for female drug users, female prisoners and women living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal
  Hepatitis C - Brochure 
  Methadone Maintenance Treatment - Awareness Posters
  Methadone Maintenance Treatment in India - A feasibility and effectiveness report
  Women who use drugs in Northeast India
Amphetamine-type stimulants use in India - An exploratory study 
Journeys of Change - The story of Methadone Maintenance Treatment in India 
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