Podcast: UN human trafficking report hails East Asia for strengthening legislation and increasing convictions

Report on Trafficking in Persons by Fabrizio Sarrica & Karine Langlois (6.9 MB, 07:30 minutes)

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons (South East Asia Special) by Alexia Taveau & Karine Langlois (5 MB, 05:27 minutes)

Listen to Alexia Taveau, the UNODC researcher responsible for the East Asia and Pacific region content in the report. Ms. Taveau answers questions regarding the methodology, challenges and major findings of the data collection, and whats new in this particular report.

Questions addressed in the interview:

  • The Report focuses on the response by countries to human trafficking, but who are the people who respond to trafficking?
  • Tell us a little bit about the process of collecting data on human trafficking?
  • What were the challenges in seeking information in East Asia and the Pacific?
  • Does it look like there is a coherent legal Asian network or mechanism to deal with human trafficking which differs from other parts of the world?
  • Were statistics on the Criminal justice responses abundant or rather hard to find ?
  • What are the Report's major findings regarding East Asia and the Pacific?
  • As much as it is a tool, can this report also contribute to raise awareness of the problem?
  • Are there new countries of destination or transit in Asia ? What is a typical route for a victim in this part of the world?
  • What does this Report brings that is new in terms of information on human trafficking?
  • What is one of the main messages that comes out of this Report?


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