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The Universal Legal Framework Against Terrorism at Samoa


APIA (Samoa), 3 February 2009 - The workshop discussed legislative measures probably needed for Samoa to become party to and fully implement the 13+3 universal counter-terrorism conventions and protocols. It was attended by officials from the Office of the Attorney General, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Police and Prisons, the Central Bank of Samoa, the Financial Intelligence Unit, Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Justice and Courts Administration, Trans National Crime Unit, the Samoa Airport Authority, Samoa International Finance Authority and the Samoa Ports Authority.

UNODC/TPB staff members made presentations on: legislative obligations emanating from the universal counter-terrorism legal instruments; experience of other countries; legislative options; extradition and international cooperation in criminal matters; case studies on mutual legal assistance and extradition. Much of the second day of the workshop was occupied by a 'round table' discussion of legislation currently being drafted to fully implement all 16 universal instruments. This session saw a high level of interaction between presenters and participants on issues related to the draft legislation, but in particular, whether the preferred approach was to locate CT provisions across separate statutes or in a consolidated counter terrorism Act.

The workshop, during the presentations and active question and answer sessions, confirmed several significant steps Samoa has taken in its counter-terrorism activities, and recent legislative initiatives in the area of anti-terrorism criminal laws and mutual legal assistance and extradition. The workshop also considered possible and recommended steps to enhance Samoa's legislation for the full implementation of the universal counter-terrorism instruments and the relevant Security Council resolutions.