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CBT Pilot Programme in Iran

Tehran (Iran), 22 September 2009 - During the week of 14 September 2009 the Computer Based Training (CBT) pilot programme on Anti Money Laundering (AML) was successfully set up by the Iranian Judiciary and the Ministry of Economy and Financial Affairs. This is the first CBT Training Centre to be located in Iran and is located in the Financial Intelligence Unit* (FIU) building. This activity was implemented under the UNODC Project on "Improvement of Iranian Legislative and Judicial capacity to tackle Organized Crime and Money Laundering and promotion of Mutual Legal Assistance". This 3-year Project under the UNODC Field Office in Iran started in 2006 and is sponsored by the British, German and Italian governments. The CBT Training Centre is dedicated to AML training and will be supporting the future work of FIU in the fight against financial crimes and money laundering.

The CBT Training Centre consists of 16 networked computers installed with the CBT AML programme. The computers were procured under the budget made available for the formation of the FIU by the Iranian government. The Training Centre is dedicated towards providing training to selected FIU staffs in the near future as well as concerned government officials and specialist personnel from financial institutions.

A total of 14 participants from the Ministry of Economy and Financial Affairs and Secretariat of the High Council for AML attended the opening day of the training session for CBT Training Managers. While not all participants could attend the full 2-day training course, the overall performance by the participants was good. Participants showed a sound understanding of the CBT Learning Management System (LMS) and their roles and responsibilities as Training Managers. The effort and enthusiasm displayed by everyone involved led to a positive experience for all.
CBT Training Centre at FIU Iran and Iran FIU Sign
A great working relationship was displayed during the week in meetings between UNODC Iran Field Office and Iranian AML officials. The collective purpose in these meetings identified clear objectives for future CBT AML development and expansion. Provided that the future challenges are met under the CBT pilot programme, further development of CBT AML will consist of translating the programme from English into the local language (Farsi), modifying the graphic images used in the training to suit the local context and possibly opening more CBT Training Centres. This would enable CBT to be rolled out to a wider audience and strengthen the resources available in the fight against financial crimes and money laundering in Iran.

The success of the Computer Based Training (CBT) pilot programme in Iran was made possible through the coordinated efforts of the UNODC CBT Centralize Unit in RCEAP, the UNODC FO Iran, the Iranian Judiciary and the Ministry of Economy and Financial Affairs. The CBT Unit in Bangkok, Thailand has managed UNODC CBT installation and implementation in over 52 countries and liaises with over 300 Training Centres worldwide.


*The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Iran is a recently formed unit that is awaiting final approval from the new cabinet of ministers to begin official operations. The FIU operates independently from other governmental departments.