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The 19th Anti-Drug Liaison Officials' Meeting for International Cooperation (ADLOMICO)

Busan (Republic of Korea), 12 October 2009 - On 16 September 2009 the Supreme Prosecutors' Office (SPO) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of the Republic of Korea organized the 19th Anti-Drug Liaison Officials' Meeting for International Cooperation (ADLOMICO). Attendants to the conference comprised 175 representatives of 22 countries and 4 International Organizations - ASEAN, Interpol, UNODC and World Customs Organization.

The objectives of the meeting were: i) to promote international cooperation in the fight against drugs/precursors trafficking, and ii) to exchange information on drug trends, trafficking routes, new tools and techniques to tackle global illicit drugs problems.

UNODC contributed to the event by presenting its Regional Programme Framework for East Asia and the Pacific, as well as some initiatives in the field of border drug control in the GMS Region.

Purpose :
To share information about international drug trafficking organizations and their illicit trafficking activities and to establish the framework for regional cooperation to tackle drug crimes

21 Member Countries(Entry Year) :
Australia (March 1990), Canada (March 1990), China (December 1992), France (December 2002), Germany (June 1992), Indonesia (September 2004), Iran (September 2004), Japan (April 1989), Lao PDR(December 2007), Malaysia (June 1992), Mexico (December 1998), Pakistan (September 2004), the Philippines (March 1991), Romania (June 1998), Russia (June 1995), Thailand (December 1990), U.K. (September 1990), Ukraine (December 1999), U.S. (April 1989), Vietnam (September 2004) / Korea