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World AIDS day 2009 in Beijing

Beijing (China), 2 December 2009 - As it does every year, this year too UNODC has taken part in events marking World AIDS Day on 1 December.

In particular, UNODC participated in two events, one in the framework of the United Nations Joint AIDS Programme in China and one as the lead agency on HIV as it relates to illicit drug use.

During the first event organized by the Red Cross of China, UNODC staff delivered awareness messages and material in the departure hall of Beijing South Station, which is a common transit area for about one million migrant workers a day, who represent a significant high-risk category for exposure to HIV.

The second event, organized by the Beijing Harm Reduction Group, was an outreach gathering, where UNODC staff provided training, donated first aid packages and distributed publications. It took place at the Uygur Community Center in the Daxing district in the Beijing outskirts. The event activities were specifically tailored to the needs of injecting drug users and AIDS patients of minority groups who suffer a double stigma.