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Project Code and Sector
Project Background and Justification
Immediate Objective, Outputs and Main Activities

RASC25 - Drug control and development in the Wa Region of the Shan State, Myanmar

1. Project Code and Sector

No. and Title: RASC25 - Drug control and development in the Wa Region of the Shan State, Myanmar
Duration: 11 years
Status/Starting Date: January 1998-March 2009
Project Function: Sustainable Livelihoods
Executing Agency: UNODC-UNDCP
Government Implementing Agency: Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control, Ministry of Home Affairs
Aggregate Budget & Funding Source: 15,938,039 US$


2. Project Background and Justification

The Project will reduce the supply of and demand for opium and other drugs in the Southern Wa area using a sustainable, community based approach for reduction and eventual elimination of the opium-based economy. Improved socio-economic conditions will be created in a three-phase project.

The Wa Authority will ban cultivation in mid-2005. The project will address the critical period leading up to and immediately following the ban. Lessons learned and experiences gained in the earlier project phases will be used to conduct joint development planning with the Government and the Wa Authority to provide multi-sectoral assistance linked to village-level participatory planning throughout the entire Wa Region.

To maximize and focus the impact of the different interventions a partnership Kokang and Wa Initiative (KOWI) has been agreed upon with INGOs and UN agencies, in close consultation with the Government and the agreement of the Wa Authority. Inputs will focus on assistance in developing rice and other crop production, enhancement of other sources of income generation, and the provision of social services.

Drug demand reduction activities will be conducted to avoid recidivism or the introduction of new substances. Poppy surveys will monitor crop elimination and will feed into a database that will be used to create information sharing for the sustainable inter-agency development of the Wa Region.


3. Immediate Objective, Outputs and Main Activities

Objective: To establish a sustainable, community based approach to the reduction and eventual elimination of supply of and demand for opium in the Wa Region.

Outputs are planned in each of the following principal areas.

Common Support Facilities
Output 1: Participatory management mechanism is established and operating for integrated and holistic development of target communities.

Output 2: The Wa local government units are strengthened with basic development line functions and are smoothly managing planned alternative development activities.

Output 3: Participatory planning and monitoring systems is established and operating at all levels of local government units.

Output 4: Common supports mobilized for timely and effective implementation of alternative development plans.

Public Health, Drugs and AIDS Awareness
To reduce illicit drug demand (for existing and potential abusers) and establish an accessible and culturally sensitive primary health care delivery system.
Output 1: Trained local health care service providers.

Output 2: Physical infrastructure development and service establishment.

Output 3: Provision of basic public health services.

Output 4: Drug Demand Reduction Programme Established.

To upgrade the educational and vocational training capacity of the local community and integrate it with the mainstream Government of Union of Myanmar (GOUM) system at the upper levels.
Output 1: Literacy and school educational standards are improved.

Output 2: Establishment of school gardening and backyard garden.

To establish or improve the infrastructure and services necessary to reduce isolation and to improve human and animal health standards, education standards and utility services.
Output 1: Roads and feeder roads extended and maintained.

Output 2: Water supplies for villages.

To develop ecologically sustainable and financially attractive alternative income soures for the people of the project area.
Output 1: Intensified and diversified rice-based farming systems.

Output 2: Improved returns from livestock and fisheries production.

Output 3: Alternative income generation fostered.

Output 4: Provision of communal irrigation systems and farm equipment.

Poppy Cultivation Monitoring
To establish a systematic monitoring system to assess the impact of alternative development interventions by measuring the extent of opium poppy cultivation and opium abuse.
Output 1: Information available on opium poppy cultivation and opium abuse as well as other relevant data.

Output 2: Improved national capacity to conduct opium poppy surveys.