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Project Code and Sector
Project Background and Justification
Immediate Objective, Outputs and Main Activities
Counterpart, Institutional Setting and Implementing Arrangements
Project Summary

Strengthening the Capacity of Anti-Corruption Institutions in Indonesia

1. Project Code and Sector

No. and Title: Strengthening the Capacity of Anti-Corruption Institutions in Indonesia
Status/Starting Date: First quarter 2009
Field: Judicial Capacity in Indonesia
Duration: 3 years
Executing Agency: UNODC, Health and Human Development Section (Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit)
Budget: US $ 3.04 million


2. Project Background and Justification

This comprehensive programme seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Attorney General's Office, Supreme Court, Indonesian National Police, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (PPATK) to counter corruption in Indonesia over a three year period. The programme proposes to impart specialised training programmes and build technological capabilities that enable these agencies to execute the Government of Indonesia's initiatives to check corruption and recover lost assets. Support to NGO activities to fight corruption and an anti-corruption campaign to increase public awareness is an important component of this programme. These programme activities will also help fight transnational crime and improve the image and effectiveness of these five institutions.
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3. Overall Objective, Outcomes, Outputs and Activities

Output 1.1: 5 Target institution training needs identified.


Objective: The project objective is 'To effectively prevent, investigate and prosecute corrupt practices in Indonesia, recover illegally acquired assets and combat money laundering'. This objective will be supported through building the capacity of five key Indonesian anti-corruption institutions and supporting civil society actions.

Outcome 1-TRAINING: Capacity of 5 institutions in preventing, investigating and prosecution corruption strengthened

Output 1.2: Target institutions training centres strengthened (4 Centres).

Output 1.3:National coordination and exchange mechanisms are established to promote commitment to HIV prevention, in particular through the improvement of drug dependence treatment services, among Governments and relevant agencies.

Outcome 2 - TECHNOLOGY: Technological Capacity of 5 institutions to monitor, detect and manage investigation of corruption strengthened (* activities under this outcome shall be undertaken only on securing additional grants)

Output 2.1: Analytical capacity of PPATK to detect money laundering strengthened.

Output 2.2: Improved case management systems established in KPK and General Crimes Division of AGO.

Output 2.3: Asset recovery software installed in target institutions as required

Outcome 3 - CIVIL SOCIETY: Civil Society activism in anti-corruption strengthened

Output 3.1: Activities of 20 selected civil society organizations or universities against corruption selected and supported through small grants of $ 40,000.

Output 3.2 : NGO networking to counter corruption supported

Outcome 4 - CAMPAIGN: Public Awareness improved through high quality anti-corruption campaign ( *with the current budget only limited activities will be carried out under this outcome)

Output 4.1: Media campaign strategy in partnership with KPK preparedand implemented