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UNODC Talk Series - Indonesia's Fight Against Corruption


Jakarta, 2 April 2009 - In an effort to encourage dialogue on the status of Indonesian UNODC Indonesia are arranged a series of focussed discussions on different corruption themes. The "Talks" are held every month and encompass expert speakers from diverse anti-corruption backgrounds. This is aimed at analyzing the current status of the laws, institutions, and public participation in the fight against corruption. A total of ten talks have been planned for 2009 which will be delivered by eminent individuals involved in the forefront of the fight against corruption in Indonesia. Each of the talks will cover different areas related to the fight against corruption. Government departments, academia, non-governmental organizations, media, practitioners are invited to participate in the talk. A publication compiling the talks will be released at the end of the series. Two Talk Series have been held so far.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime conducted its first Talk Series on The Fight against Corruption in Indonesia. The seminar involved 60 participants from Government departments, academia, non-governmental organizations, media, and practitioners. The seminar was opened by remarks from Mr. Ajit Joy (Expert, Crime Prevention for UNODC).

Due to the imminent elections in Indonesia, the seminar focused on the linkages between politics and corruption. The aims of Political Budget Management are to boost independence, transparency, accountability, to support an open political system with public participation and equal opportunity, and liberation of the candidate from rent seeking (vote buying, etc).
At the end of the presentation, recommendations were given such as:
1. All of campaign sources should be noted and registered, including external and internal funding.
2. KPU together with IAI (Indonesia Accountant Association) should prepare registration standards for campaign finance.
3. The standards should include a simple registration form for all candidates.
4. KPU should socialize these standards to all parties and candidates.
5. Campaign finance audit results should be followed up with audits on specific areas.
6. Regarding corruption and elections, any corruption cases or any indications of corruption during the election period should be jointly processed by KPK