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Department of Foreign Affairs and UNODC Seminar on Container Control Programme


Jakarta, 30 April 2009 - UNODC collaborated with the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia to conduct a Seminar on Container Control Programme. The seminar was located at Nusantara Room in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It involved 40 participants from National Narcotic Board, Department of Health, Directorate General of Immigration, Department of Law and Human Rights, Directorate of Custom and Excise, Drugs and Food Supervisory Agency Seaport officer, Intelligent National Board, the National Police, Department of Trade, and Department of Finance.

The seminar was opened by remarks from Desra Percaya (Director for International Security and Disarmament, Department of Foreign Affairs) and Gary Lewis (Representative, UNODC Regional Office).

Assisted by Director of International Security and Disarmament Department of Foreign Affairs, a senior UNODC team, Ian Munro, head of the Organized Crime Unit UNODC Vienna an expert on Container control programme gave a comprehensive presentation on world container control programme conducted by UNODC and WCO (World Custom Organization). Mr. Munro distinguished the concern by identifying the high-risk containers and raising the awareness on activities to facilitate legal trade within the main objectives: establishment of Inter-Agency Units for profiling of containers and promotion of improved cooperation between all port stakeholders. By quoting the achievements, UNODC has improved all the system due to the evaluation process-resulting the Developed Container Analysis Report, Developed the Container Comm, Developed the Training Programmes, and Established the Trainers Pool-all covered by the International Standards (ISO 28000). At the end of presentation, Mr. Munro highlighted the future development for this container control programme as: realizing-from project to programme, to make as international standards, to introduce of new tools, to introduce of new programme sites.

The seminar sustained with a presentation given by Tommy Sagiman, Head for the Centre on Controlled Operations (Task Force on Seaport Interdiction-Maritime Interdiction for National Narcotics Board), on the Indonesia's Effort in Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking by Sea. Mr. Sagiman explained the improvement of National Narcotics Boards effort on combating the drugs smuggling in Indonesia within the recent cases. These presentations were followed by discussion-question and answer where there were many interesting issues raised by the participants such as reason why there was no improving collaboration between related institutions or departments on combating and solving this problem (drugs smuggling); where Directorate of Customs and Excise, Immigrations, and Seaport Authority do not have a significant cooperation.

The recommendations stemming from this seminar are:

1. Establishment of Inter-Agency Units for profiling of containers
2. Promotion of improved cooperation between all port stakeholders
3. Establishing inter-Agency cooperation between Custom, Sea-Air Port, National Narcotics Board, and Indonesia Intelligent Board (BIN) on tracing the Drugs spreading in Indonesia.