UNODC will continue to work with states as they introduce legal reforms and develop and implement anti-corruption strategies.  The outcome of the UNCAC review process provides a solid basis for formulating anti-corruption technical assistance programmes with countries.  The process helps countries to identify gaps in anti-corruption policies and frameworks as well as technical assistance needs.  UNODC in turn provides technical support to countries so that they can translate the gap analysis into effective legal and policy frameworks and sustainable anti-corruption strategies.

UNODC works with Member States to enhance the capacities of their national anti-corruption bodies, through the provision of technical assistance as well as the organization of training programmes.  In addition, in order to facilitate the coordination of international anti-corruption efforts.

Support is offered to:

  1. Strengthen anti-corruption policies, legislation and strategies;
  2. Enhance regional anti-corruption networks and institutions; and
  3. Promote anti-corruption strategies with the private sector, civil society and academia.