Drug use treatment and re-integration

There remains significant scope for reforming drug legislation and improving policies on drug use in Southeast Asia.  UNODC works to increase the quality of drug treatment services, especially in the case of ATS, with a particular focus to promote the use of voluntary, community-based drug treatment approaches.  In 2011-12, action plans to adapt and implement evidence-based approaches were approved by the six countries participating in the Memorandum of Understanding on Drug Control in the Mekong Sub-Region.

UNODC focuses on assisting Member States in partnership with regional and national level partners, including WHO and the ASEAN Mental Health Task Force, to: 

  1. Develop and promote models for evidence-based policies and related legislation and policy;
  2. Develop and adapt standards, tools and guidelines on best practice interventions;
  3. Enhance networks and related capacity to train practitioners; and
  4. Strengthen networks and related capabilities to research and evaluate drug use disorders and subsequent responses.