Anti-money laundering

Money laundering is a serious threat to most Member States in the region, due to the existence of cash based economies and a combination of deficient legal frameworks, weak border controls and poor regulatory mechanisms, and a lack of law enforcement, judicial and regulatory capacity.

A number of jurisdictions take the view that as they don't have terrorism, they can't be vulnerable to terrorist financing.  This view is slowly changing due to UNODC work carried out in recent years in partnership with others, including the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG).  

UNODC strengthens anti-money laundering efforts in the region by collaboration with global bodies and regional agencies by:

Strengthening legislative and policy frameworks and strategies;

  1. Enhancing knowledge and skills to profile and collect and disseminate information;
  2. Improving capabilities to identify and recover proceeds of crime;
  3. Increasing cooperation with financial/private sector bodies
  4. Enhancing cooperation on a bilateral, regional and international level.