Cyber crime

Cyber-crime continues to grow in the region and is quickly evolving from an emerging threat to a criminal enterprise, which some believe could have a market value in excess of the illicit drug economy.  Cyber-crime incorporates a number of offences including 'hacking', computer-related forgery and fraud-like 'phishing', as well as content offences such as disseminating online child sexual abuse material, and copyright offences.

UNODC has been part of global and regional responses to cyber-crime, producing a comprehensive study of cyber-crime related threats in 2013.

UNODC assists Member States to more effectively combat and prevent cyber-crime, working with national and regional-level partners, particularly through ASEAN-based mechanisms and forums to:

  1. Improve understanding of cyber-crime and related responses;
  2. Enhance staff knowledge and skills to identify and prevent cyber-crime; and
  3. Strengthen regional cooperation and information exchange mechanisms.