Drugs and precursors

Opiates and amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) continue to be the two major illicit drug threats in the Southeast Asian region.  Most indicators suggest that the illicit manufacture and trafficking of methamphetamine in pill and crystalline form has expanded rapidly in recent years.  At the same time, the cultivation of opium poppy has increased each year since 2006.  The value of the illicit trades in heroin and methamphetamine in the region are approximately USD 32 billion.

UNODC works with Member States to enhance the core capacities of law enforcement agencies to identify and address drug and precursor trafficking transnationally through:

  1. Strengthening systems in order to better gather information and develop intelligence;
  2. Enhancing knowledge and skills to investigation, case preparation and prosecution;
  3. Improving interdiction capacity through training programmes;
  4. Enhancing capabilities to identify, profile and share information; and
  5. Strengthening networks for cross-border cooperation, including the Mekong Drug Control MOU mechanism.