Eastern Horizons Photo Contest 2008


Eastern Horizons Photo Contest 2008The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific (UNODC RCEAP), through the regional project, "Promotion of Public Awareness on the Dangers of Drugs in East Asia" (RASG69) is holding a digital photo contest reflecting the work of UNODC in the following categories:

1. Human trafficking
2. Corruption
3. Terrorism
4. Illicit drugs and HIV/AIDS
5. Drug abuse prevention and education
6. Increasing use of synthetic drugs
7. Drugs and family relations

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Announcement of Winners

Drugs and Family Relations

by Muhammad Al-Asadi, Ibrahem Al-Malla and Basheer Rahmoun
(Syrian Arab Crescent - Damascus Branch)

It is an ironic situation.This innocent little girl thought that her father abused drugs because he was ill. As a result, he was sent to see the doctor at a place called 'prison'. She did not understand why she got a 'zero' mark when she indicated that the doctor was at the prison.

Human Trafficking

"The EYES of Hope"
by Doangjun Roongruang (Thailand)

This is a photo of an Indian girl in Thimpu, Bhutan. I saw her begging for money in the city and thought she might come from a poor Indian family living in Bhutan as labourers. Many Indian workers were brought to Bhutan to work in the city as labourers. Some of them may be the victims of labour trafficking.

Illicit Drugs and HIV/AIDS

by Frits Erik Swanepoel (South Africa)

This photograph is of a used, discarded needle.  I saw it while walking down one of the streets of Sa Pa, Viet Nam.  Drops of blood can still be seen in the picture.

There are no winner in other categories