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Development of the National Drug Law Enforcement Strategy (LAO/I95)
Strengthening capacity of law enforcement and justice sectors to prevent and respond to domestic violence in Viet Nam
Strengthening of Judicial and Prosecutorial Drug Control Capacity in East Asia


Helping to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing in Cambodia
(15 May 2013)
UNODC works to develop domestic violence prevention training module for Viet Nam police
(7 May 2012)
Indonesian police experience London riots, international best practices
(5 October 2011)


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The Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit
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Justice System

Programme Outcomes

Integrity-based and accountable criminal justice systems established, which also address needs of vulnerable groups

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Programme Outputs

  • Professional standards and oversight mechanisms established and implemented in law enforcement agencies and the judiciary
  • Coordination and cooperation mechanisms established between law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and the judiciary
  • Enhanced forensic capacities, services and regional integration
  • Informed and capable crime scene examiners, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges
  • Specialised witness protection programmes established and implemented
  • Enhanced prison management regimes established and implemented
  • Juvenile and child justice systems established and implemented
  • Measures to prevent violence against women established and implemented

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