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Towards AsiaJust
UNODC promotes regional extradition and mutual legal assistance network
(30 July 2013)
Response to transnational crime a key part of UNODC's new regional programme for Southeast Asia
(2 May 2013)
UNODC publishes the first comprehensive study on transnational organized crime threats in East Asia and the Pacific
(16 April 2013)

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Terrorism Prevention Branch Brochure

Transnational Organised Justice

Programme Outcomes

More efficient and effective transnational cooperation on criminal justice matters

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Programme Outputs

  • Regional network of Prosecutors established and operational
  • Joint Investigation Teams established and operational
  • Judicial Liaison Networks established and operational
  • Designated Central Authorities on MLA, extradition and asset recovery established and operational in line with principles and requirements under international treaties on drugs, crime and terrorism
  • Baseline data on transnational organized crimes established, shared and updated

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