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VNMS65- Strengthening of the Legal and Law Enforcement Institutions in Preventing and Combating Money Laundering in Viet Nam
UNDOC Participation in the ASEM Anti-Money Laundering project




UNODC trains customs officials to fight cash smuggling in the Mekong
(11 May 2012)
Computer-based training centres open in Viet Nam
(4 June 2010)
UNODC delivers anti-money-laundering training in Viet Nam
(27 May 2010)



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The 2005 UNODC and IMF Model-Legislation on money-laundering and financing of terrorism


Programme Outcomes

Money-laundering activities identified and effectively acted on

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Programme Outputs

  • Legislation, policies and procedures on money-laundering developed and implemented
  • Public and private sector institutions aware of their responsibilities in relation to proceeds of crime, money-laundering and asset recovery

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