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Strengthening the Secretariat of the National Authority for Combatting Drugs (NACD) and the National Drug Control Programme of Cambodia agencies

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(2 September 2013)

Rise in opium cultivation and continued expansion of methamphetamine markets top Asia illicit drug concerns
(26 June 2013)

Vietnamese anti-drug officials step up fight against synthetic drugs
(6 June 2013)


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Drugs and Precursors

Programme Outcomes

Trafficking of ATS and other drugs identified and effectively acted on

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Programme Outputs

  • Domestic legislation harmonized with international instruments
  • Information on ATS and other drug production and trafficking used by stakeholders for intelligence-led- responses
  • Informed and capable frontline law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges
  • Mechanisms established to promote cooperation between criminal justice agencies within and across borders
  • Clandestine lab investigation teams established and operational
  • Chemical industry associations adopt codes of conduct on precursor diversion

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