International Year of Forests 2011

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Project Training Programme on Wildlife Trafficking for Border Law Officers within PATROL
Countering forest crimes in the ASEAN region - Joint UNODC-ASEAN project
Strengthening the capacity of the forestry protection department's task force on forest crime


Global alliance furthers commitment to fighting wildlife and environmental crime
(28 February 2011)
UNODC first talk series in 2011 calls for anti-corruption measures in the forestry sector
(24 February 2010)
Tackle organized crime to save the tiger, says UNODC Executive Director
(24 November 2010)


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Addressing the multiple threats of environmental crimes in East Asia and the Pacific:
Technical assistance strategy 2009 - 2012
(14 December 2009)

Natural Resources and Hazardous Substances

Programme Outcomes

Trafficking of illicit natural resources (including wildlife) and hazardous substances identified and effectively acted on

Programme Outputs

  • A regional strategy in place to prevent and suppress trafficking in illicit natural resources and hazardous substances
  • Effective environmental governance policies and regulatory frameworks established and implemented
  • Informed and capable law enforcement and specialised officials
  • Mechanisms established to promote cooperation between responsible agencies within and across borders
  • Producers and consumers effectively engaged in reducing demand for illegal natural resources and hazardous substances


Forest Crimes