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Voluntary Reporting System On Migrant Smuggling And Related Conduct (VRS-MSRC)
Smuggling of Migrants: Establishment and Operation of a Coordination and Analysis Unit (CAU) for East Asia and the Pacific
Support to strengthening of immigration control capacity at the international border gates and international cooperation to prevent and control migrant smuggling and human trafficking
UNODC launches migrant smuggling data sharing system for state authorities
(19 July 2013)
Countering migrant smuggling to be key component of new UNODC Myanmar Country Programme
(19 July 2013)
Viet Nam gets IT equipment to fight smuggling of migrants
(17 June 2013)

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Smuggling of Migrants from India to Europe and in particular to UK: A Study on Tamil Nadu, 2009

Smuggling of Migrants

Programme Outcomes

Smuggling of migrants identified and effectively acted on

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Programme Outputs

  • Systems to generate, manage, analyse, report and use migrant smuggling information established and operational
  • Informed and capable frontline law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges
  • Research on irregular migration used as part of the Bali Process

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Voluntary Reporting System on Migrant Smuggling and Related Conduct

The Voluntary Reporting System on Migrant Smuggling and Related Conduct (VRS‐MSRC) is an internet‐based, secure IT solution that collects, analyzes and shares information on migrant
smuggling, irregular migration and other related conduct.

More information is provided here.

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